The Dwindlers are poet, Michelle Seaman, and bassist & composer, Benjamin Dauer.

Our musical collaboration began in 2002 in the "Grey Sea" metropolis of Chicago, continued in a home recording studio surrounded by the pine trees and "Pollinators" of North Carolina, and thrives now among the cherry blossoms, gingko trees, museums, and politics of Washington, D.C.

The Dwindlers are ambience and imagery. We sincerely thank you for listening.


"For the Bats" is a two-song, benefit EP. We began this project after learning about a disease called White Nose Syndrome (WNS). This project has taken years of care and research. We wanted to find facts, spend time with bats, and interact with compassionate, practical scientists. On this EP, the songs "Hibernacula" and "Winged Angel Child," blend poetry, mythology, and science with electroacoustic, ambient music. They are songs focused both on the beauty of bats and their current struggles with White Nose Syndrome.

The songs are for sale individually for $3.00, or you can buy both songs for $5.00. ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Save Lucy Campaign. Yes, all of it.

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